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Disabled Access / Downstairs Facility

accessibility to our practice

To provide for our patients with any form of disability we have two downstairs surgeries.

Out of Hours - Helpful Advice

Emergency contacts
Tel: 028 3833 4116 for out of hours arrangements.

We will do our best to see genuine emergencies within 24 hours. Telephone the practice first thing in the morning (8am) to arrange an appointment.

In the evenings, weekends and public holidays we participate in the Local Area Emergency Dental Clinic.

What to do if you are in pain

Loose/dislodged crown or bridge

What to do if your denture breaks

If your mouth bleeds after an extraction

What to do if you have a broken tooth.

  • If the broken tooth is as a result of a fall or trauma and you are concerned about other injuries, go immediately to the hospital casualty department.

  • If the tooth is broken while eating or the result of a lost filling, the tooth may have sharp edges that cut into the tongue or cheeks. It may also be sensitive to hot and cold.

  • Avoid food/drinks that make the discomfort worse.

  • Some chemists have temporary filling pastes that can be placed in the broken tooth to reduce the pain and irritation.

What to do if a tooth is knocked out

  • DO NOT re-implant first (baby) teeth.
    If the permenant/second/adult tooth is knocked out it is important to re-implant the tooth immediatley

  • hold the tooth by the crown, not the pointed root.

  • Do NOT scrub or touch the root - rinse the tooth with water or milk.

  • Gently push the tooth back into the socket - make sure it is the correct way round.

  • Bite on a clean hanky to hold the tooth in place.

  • Attend your dentist or hospital emergency department immediately
    If you can't put the tooth back in, place it in a cup of milk - don't let it dry out.

emergency contact

Tel: 028 3833 4116


Local Area Dental Clinic

In the evenings, weekends and public holidays we participate in the Local Area Emergency Dental Clinic.

This is held in Craigavon Area Hospital every evening from 7pm until 9pm.

There are additional sessions each Saturday and Sunday morning (and during selected holiday periods) from 10am until 12noon.

The service is for genuine emergencies only such as:

  • trauma

  • swelling

  • bleeding

  • severe pain

If you normally pay for your dental treatment there is a charge at this clinic.


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