Air Abrasion

Don’t like the drill?

We are happy to offer you an alternative method to remove tooth decay from smaller cavities without the use of a drill.  No dreaded noise or vibrations associated with a drill are produced as a carefully guided stream of dental powder and compressed air is used to gently open dirty pits and fissures to allow us to place a tooth coloured filling into your tooth.

The smallest of defects in your teeth can be investigated and this painless procedure will confirm the extent of any decay that may be present.  This allows your dentist to treat small cavities - probably too small to be seen in an x-ray picture - and place a nearly invisible white filling.

Previously your dentist would have observed such defects and often placed a filling if the decay progressed.  This involved an injection to numb the tooth and drilling away the decay. 


Now your dentist can correct early tooth decay, leaving more sound tooth - which is a big advantage over traditional methods.

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