Sports Mouthguards

What is a Mouthguard?

A mouthguard is a specially moulded piece of plastic that fits over the upper teeth and gums.  Many people think mouthguards simply protect teeth from damage but they can do more.  A mouthguard can also offer protection against a wide range of facial injuries.

Preventation of sports injuries to the teeth can be achieved by the wearing of properly constructed mouthguards when playing sport.

A mouthguard works by absorbing and spreading the force of a blow to the face, reducing the risk of:

Who should wear a Mouthguard?

Anyone who takes part in sport where there be a risk of facial or head injuries should wear a mouthguard.

Research in America has shown a dramatic drop in the number of these injuries among football players who are now obliged by law to wear a mouthguard. Particpants in other sports such as basketball, netball, hockey, hurling, cricket, soccer, gaelic, rugby, camogie, canoeing and squash are also known to be at risk.

In fact experts recommend: “in all sports where a boot, ball, racquet, stick, fist or elbow etc. can hit someones head - mouthguards should be worn.”

When should Mouthguards be worn?

An injury can take place just as easily during training as during a match or event.  For this reason it is as important to wear a mouthguard during training sessions as well as when competing.

How do I get a Mouthguard?

D.J. Maguire & Associates can provide you with:

The visit to the dentist involves having an impression taken of your teeth.  The dental laboratory will then make a mouthguard to fit your mouth perfectly.

Is a custom-made Mouthguard expensive?

No. A custom made mouthguard will cost a lot less than many other essential items of sporting equipment.

In preventing pain and disfigurement, it is a very worthwhile investment.

From £30

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