What are they?

The crown of a tooth is that part which is visible in the mouth. An artificial crown completely covers a weak tooth above the gum line and protects it. Crowns are made of metal or porcelain, or porcelain with metal inside for strength.


Crowns are used to restore broken, damaged or severely decayed teeth. In the past, if you needed a dental crown you had only one option. But with advanced technology, their strength and durability of ceramics, you now have a choice between traditional crowns and modern ceramics crowns. It is generally accepted that any back tooth that has been root filled (nerve removed) should be reinforced with a crown.

Which type of crown is right for me?

All Ceramic Crowns

Crowns made from modern ceramic materials are bonded to your existing teeth. The crowns have a life like translucency, they’re metal free and they provide the closest match to existing teeth.

Modern ceramic crowns are the most natural looking and are ideal for front teeth.

Porcelain Crowns fused to Metal

Porcelain crowns fused to metal are porcelain crowns with a metal substructure. They are stronger than crowns made entirely of porcelain but they lack the translucency of natural teeth and, in some cases, a dark line is visible between the crown and the gum.

For teeth that are towards the back of the mouth, but still show when you smile, a porcelain fused to metal crown is a good choice. A modern version uses Titanium instead of a metal mixture. It is bio compatible, lighter and very close fitting.

Gold Crowns

Gold is a more traditional material for back teeth. Advantages include durability and limited tooth preparation.


Bridges are fixed restorations that replace one or more missing teeth. If missing teeth are not replaced the adjacent teeth can tilt into the space, opposing teeth can over-erupt and you may have trouble chewing. The materials used to construct Bridges are similar to those used for Crowns.

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