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Your First Visit

New Patients

Welcome to Your Family Dental Practice

Your first visit to your DJ Maguire Dental Group practice isn’t just a simple check-up. We take this special opportunity to learn more about you and your expectations. By taking the time to identify any potential issues in their early stages, or help stop them from happening at all, we can create a specific treatment plan designed for your individual needs.

This careful process not only leads to better oral health, but can also help reduce the potential for expensive and intrusive future treatments.


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We do our best to make paying for your treatments as simple as possible by accepting all major credit cards, cheques and cash.

Our Patients Are Our Priority

Why Choose Us

We welcome all our patients to our pleasant and friendly practice with a smile. We do our very best to create a calm and relaxed environment where you can feel at ease to discuss any concerns you have about your oral health.

Whether it’s been six months, a year or even longer, we believe it’s never too late to get back on the road to great oral health.

Your First Visit

What will happen

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Booking an appointment with the dentist
using the patient portal
your 1st visit with the dentist
booking an appointment with the dentist

Booking An Appointment

Please contact the practice to speak to a member of our reception team to make an appointment.

When your appointment is booked you will receive a text message to confirm your appointment details and an email/SMS link to complete forms on our Patient Portal, ahead of your visit to the practice.

using the patient portal

Using The Patient Portal

The patient portal provides you with an accessible and secure way to complete essential forms which form part of your patient journey.

When you receive your appointment confirmation email/text message, you can access the Patient Portal by clicking the link to Fill Out Your Forms. You will be automatically directed to the patient portal where you will be asked to enter your surname and date of birth. You will then be asked to enter a verification code which will be sent to you by text message. Within the forms available you will need to confirm your personal details, medical history, complete health/COVID-19 screening questionnaire and an oral health survey and provide your consent to be contacted.

Being able to sign and complete your assigned forms remotely means that any new details you need to provide us with are automatically updated on your file.

your 1st visit to the dentist
Your First Visit, What to Expect

Your First Visit, What to Expect

When you enter your DJ Maguire Dental Practice, we put aside some time to get to know you better and understand what you expect from our treatments.

At your first visit to the practice, reception staff will greet you and check you in. You may be asked to take a seat in our practice waiting area. To avoid congestion in the practice, we ask that you attend the practice at your appointment time. Your dentist will then meet you, and after introductions are made, will discuss your personal dental needs, dental history and any concerns you might have about your teeth or any future treatment. The purpose of this visit is to get to know you, listen to what you have to say and to examine your teeth and gums thoroughly. This will usually involve an oral cancer screen, thorough tooth evaluation recording gum health. Then relevant radiographs (x-rays) will be taken to aid complete diagnosis, this usually would involve two small radiographs to check between the back teeth and any existing restorations.

At that time an estimate of treatment costs will be discussed and an idea of number of appointments required. If the treatment is of a complex nature, it can be necessary to take impressions to allow for models of the teeth to be made, and a subsequent discussion appointment arranged. If no further treatment is needed we will arrange to send a reminder for you to book a check-up in 6 months.

Our aim is to prevent future problems.

We offer preventative advice to help you to have teeth you can be proud of. Sometimes this comes naturally, sometimes we need to give nature a little help. It’s important to us that your first visit be as comfortable and reassuring as possible - especially if you’ve never visited a dentist before or if you are a nervous patient. If there’s anything we can do to make you feel at ease, please don’t hesitate to ask!