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Sports Mouthguards

sports mouthgaurds  Custom-made mouthguard to protect your teeth.

Sport a Game Winning Smile

Sports Mouthguards

By their very nature, contact sports carry a risk of dental injury in some form or another. That’s why we can provide our patients with a custom-made mouthguard to protect against damage to your teeth and help prevent other facial injuries as well.

Play Safe

The most common injury associated with contact heavy sports is damage caused to the upper incisors which can lead to the permanent (‘adult’) teeth being fractured, discoloured or even lost.

Mouth protectors that are properly fitted can significantly reduce the risk of jaw cracks and broken teeth by preventing the lower jaw from slamming into the upper jaw. They also help prevent cuts and wounding of the lips and cheeks by moving soft tissue in the mouth away from the teeth, particularly if you wear braces or a fixed dental appliance.

Getting Your Custom Made Mouthguard

At DJ Maguire Dental Group, we will create a custom made mouthguard by taking an impression of your teeth and then having our delta laboratory build your mouthguard to perfectly fit your mouth.

Your mouthguard will be in the colour of your choice with your name imprinted on it, and will come in its own protective carrying case.



Is there much difference between a store bought mouthguard and a fitted one?

Yes. A big difference.

Store bought protectors are pre-formed and though they might claim that ‘one size fits all’ the reality is they usually don’t fit anyone very well. They also tend to be bulky which can make talking and breathing more difficult.

Custom made mouthguards do a much better job of reducing injuries because they are built to fit your mouth specifically. They are more comfortable, they stay in place much better and are far more effective in absorbing and dissipating energy from direct blows- which, in turn, protects your teeth and jaw.

Best of all our mouthguard starts from a very reasonable £49 for children and £67 for adults.

Do I need to wear a mouthguard?

If you play high contact sports where a boot, ball, racquet, stick, fist or elbow can hit you in the head then, yes, you should be wearing a mouthguard! Research has proven that there is a dramatic drop in mouth injuries among those that wear them and in some countries, such as America, their use is required by law in some sports.

Can I wear a mouth protector if I have braces?

Indeed you can! In fact we highly recommend it. People who wear braces or have had cosmetic dental work can be especially vulnerable to injury and damage to brackets or other fixed orthodontic appliances. Your new custom made mouthguard will also form a barrier between your braces and your lips/cheeks to help reduce cuts and other soft tissue damage.