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Repair and Restore


If you have a broken, cracked, weak or otherwise damaged tooth or teeth, crowns can be an excellent way to improve its appearance.

Crowns are made from metal, ceramic, or a mixture of both, and they are placed over the damaged tooth to restore its original size, shape, colour and strength.

They are specifically designed as a permanent solution for weak or compromised teeth and we offer a selection of crowns including all ceramic, porcelain fused to metal as well as gold crowns. Your dentist will help you decide which is best for you.

How a Crown is Placed

It normally takes 2 visits to our practice to have a crown fitted and placed.

During your first visit we will take impressions of your teeth and match the colour of your new crown to the rest of your teeth, especially those surrounding the area where your crown will be placed. This impression will then be used to custom build your new crown.

When your crown is ready we will invite you back to the practice for a second appointment where we will fit your specially crafted crown and make any adjustments to make sure your bite looks and feels natural and comfortable.

Placing a crown



Does it hurt to have a crown placed?

Normally, no, getting a crown put in place does not hurt. Our dental team is highly skilled and experienced so you should feel little or no discomfort. Some patients do have some slight sensitivity for a short time after the treatment but it should settle on its own within a few days.

Do I have to take special care of my new crown?

Not really. Crowns look and act just like your natural teeth so it’s easy to take care of them. Regular flossing and brushing will keep your crown clean free of plaque and other debris and will help support the health of the surrounding gums. There are times, however, when crowns need slight adjustments but otherwise it stays strong and natural from following a good oral hygiene routine.

How do I know if a crown is right for me?

Not only can broken and damaged teeth be unsightly, they can be painful and more vulnerable to bacteria. Crowns are ideal for restoring the strength, size and appearance of teeth that are worn down, misshapen, discoloured or have large fillings. Your dentist will be happy to answer any questions and help you decide if the treatment is right for you.