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Ease Your Anxiety Safely and Simply

Relative Analgesia Sedation

Along with Conscious Sedation, the DJ Maguire Dental Group also offers help to our nervous and more anxious patients through inhalation sedation- more commonly known as nitrous oxide and oxygen or ‘laughing gas’.

This relaxing treatment is non-allergenic and non-irritating so it’s ideal for most patients. The gas is given through a special nasal hood so it’s non-intrusive, which is ideal if you are severely nervous or gag easily. Relative Analgesia sedation has no after-effects so you can carry on with your day as normal shortly after the treatment has ended.



What does Relative Analgesia Sedation feel like?

Relative Analgesia Sedation is a very light sedation. It is odourless and incredibly effective at relieving anxiety. You simply inhale the gas mixture through a mask and within two or three minutes you will feel an overall body euphoria that ends quickly once the gas is removed.

How long do the effects last?

Considering the powerful calming effect that nitrous oxide has on patients, the recovery time is remarkably quick- usually only about 3 - 5 minutes after the mask has been removed. You will also not have any ‘hangover’ effects and, depending on what type of treatment you've had, you will likely be able to drive yourself home after a short waiting period.

Is Relative Analgesia Sedation safe?

Yes, it’s very safe and has been used at dental practices around the world for years. You will remain conscious through the entire procedure (though some patients do fall asleep) and many patients enjoy the sensation. Your dentist will be happy to answer any other questions you may have before your treatment.