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Tooth Whitening 

Tooth whitening with custom-made trays in Northern Ireland Tooth whitening with custom-made trays

Brilliantly Bright Smiles

Tooth Whitening

Even the best kept teeth can eventually lose their lustre.

Over time, many of the foods we eat and beverages that we drink - such as coffee, tea, tobacco and wine - can have a dramatically noticeable effect on the colour and appearance of our teeth. Some medications and even your genetic makeup can also play a part in these changes as well. As this happens you may find that your once gleaming smile is now a bit more listless and dull.

At DJ Maguire Dental Group we offer an incredibly effective tooth whitening system with dazzling, long lasting results that will brighten your smile and boost your confidence.

How Our Whitening System Works

Once our dentist has decided you are a good candidate for our whitening system, we will then take impressions and make custom-made trays that you will use in the comfort of your own home.

Once these trays are made, you will be invited back to our practice to have the trays properly fitted. We will then give you thorough instructions on how to use the trays and the whitening agent.

Professional Whitening v Store Bought

Although it’s tempting to use over-the-counter kits, they are designed to remove only the very surface level stains and, at best, will only slightly improve the colour of your teeth. Despite what these products promise, there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to effective tooth whitening and the risk of causing no change in the appearance, or worse, damaging your teeth is very real.



What are the benefits of tooth whitening?

Everyone loves a bright smile! It can boost your confidence and, when done correctly by a professional, the results can be amazing and long lasting. Whitening improves the appearance of your teeth, safely and painlessly, and can be a more cost effective alternative to crowns and veneers.

Will tooth whitening damage my teeth? Is it painful?

No. If you follow the instructions given by your dentist, and your teeth are healthy and free from decay and other underlying issues, our tooth whitening treatment is incredibly safe and won’t damage your tooth’s enamel. The process is also painless, however you may experience some slight sensitivity during the treatment and for a short time after.

How white will my teeth get?

It’s incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to truly predict how much lighter your teeth will become using any whitening treatment. There are many factors involved, such as how badly your teeth are stained or discoloured and how receptive your teeth are to the whitening agents. However, the vast majority of patients will see an improvement of two shades.